Reaction to "Love Me Chicken Tenders" at Dadafest 2001

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From: "ST"
Date: Sat Jul 7, 2001 6:15 pm
Subject: Boycott the dadafest: animal cruelty!

I went to the Dadafest last night, and I was horrified to witness live
animal cruelty onstage in the name of art. There was an act
performed by "The extreme Elvis" in which six live chickens were
released on stage.

The extreme Elvis had a woman pour corn all over his body and
then the chickens were placed on him to eat the corn. The
chickens were then tossed into the auidence and kicked across
stage like footballs. The extreme Elvis proceeded to run into the
auidence and throw the terrifed, screaming chickens at audience

I witnessed a chicken's wing being broken, as it sat there, with its
beak open, shaking and in shock. I was then equally horrified to
witness a woman onstage grab a chicken by its neck, in her
mouth, and shake it around. I heard shouts from audience
members stating, "Bite its head off!" I also heard gasps from other
audience members around me when they realized the chickens
were real.

This was extremely upsetting to me and the audience members
around me. When I attempted to express my concern around this
to "KB", the woman who put the show together, she arrogantly
and unapologetically exclaimed, "Some would argue that what is
enjoyable is not dada." She also told me that she would "book the
extreme Elvis again, and that she didn't know what i wanted her to

I was outraged, as the Somarts gallery, where this event was
located is a *city-run gallery*, and animal cruelty is *against the

"KB" was unapologetic, but she must be held accountable. I
would appreciate any advise that people have about this disturbing
display of barbarism in the name of art. I have already contacted
animal care and control. What other steps do you recommend that
I take to prevent this from happening again?

Thanks in advance,


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